At Focus Web Solutions we create web sites for people and companies that are dedicated and passionate about what they do. We support causes or artistic and creative endeavor with sites that are well-structured and easy to use. We focus on elegance, clarity and simplicity.

We'll help you to see your web site from multiple perspectives. You may already know what you want your web site to achieve. How do your site visitors see you and what do they need? What do you want them to see?

We can assist you in asking the right questions, and give you good answers.

I invite you to browse our portfolio and to find out more about the services Focus Web Solutions provides. To arrange a free consultation with no obligation call (403) 630-5496.

Robert Penner
President, Focus Web Solutions



What does "Focus Web Solutions" mean, anyway? We're out to support you by helping you to define your focus, identify your target market, and direct your site design to be consistent with your vision.

The logo depicts an eye looking out from the globe. The web is world-wide. A web presence expands your boundaries and your reach.

We provide solutions to your needs. You want a web site that works, and that your visitors will feel comfortable in.

We're also interested in your Vision - what you have to offer, what you want to say. What is your creative or artistic Vision? What does your company or organization have to say?

The sites in our portfolio are consistent with this purpose. I look forward to putting Focus Web Solutions to work for you.

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